Megalac vs Palmit 80

Production performance of dairy cows offered Megalac or a highC16 fat supplement In Brief: Cows offered Megalac produced an additional 3.4 kg milk per day, an increase of 8.1%.  Megalac-supplemented cows had similar DM intake.  Cows offered Megalac produced milk almost 10% more efficiently. Beneficial effects of Megalac became much more apparent as feeding period […]

Megalac – Feeding to reduce heat stress.

In Brief: Heat stress increases maintenance requirements, reduces feed intake and pushes cows into negative energy balance. Heat-stressed cows have increased risk of acidosis, poorer fertility and produce less milk. Megalac increases ration energy density without increasing acid load in the rumen. Megalac is not fermented in the rumen and has a high NEL value […]

Fat Feeding Nutrition Guide

FAT FEEDING – the role of fatty acids Many dairy farmers use fat supplements as an energy source to improve milk production and fertility. However, what we describe as ‘fat’ is actually composed of individual ‘fatty acids’ and it is the balance of these different fatty acids which results in a particular response when supplemented […]

Megalac Vs “50%” Fats

Megalac vs ‘50%’ fats Many dairy farmers use fat supplements as an energy source to improvemilk yield, fertility and herd performance. But does it matter which fatsupplement you choose to use? Not all fats are equal There are lots of fat supplements on the market. Some are scientifically proven to improve animal performance. Others claim […]