Enerlac has been developed specifically for modern beef enterprises and traditional dairy units to give exceptionally cost effective growth rates. The formulation is high in lactose and oil levels to provide a very high energy feed for well grown, good looking calves. Particularly suited to use with automatic rearing systems.

Enerlac Instant is ideal for once or twice day feeding and some ad lib systems requiring an instant mixing powder.

Enerlac Freeflow is ideal for use through the Volac automatic calf feeder and any feeder requiring a freeflowing type powder.


Enerlac mixing rate:

100 grams of milk replacer in one litre of mixed milk (ie 10% solids, equivalent to one pound in one gallon of mixed milk).


Enerlac Instant is available as an instant mixing powder in 20 kg bags.

Enerlac Freeflow is available as a freeflowing powder in 25 kg bags.

Volac mixing kit:

An easy way of measuring our Volac calf milk powders to ensure they are mixed at the correct concentrations and fed at the correct temperature every time.