Features and Benefits

  • Energy supplement for ruminant animals
  • Rumen-protected
  • Contains C16 fatty acids to increase milk fat
  • Increases milk yield
  • Increases milk solids
  • Energy and fat to help improve fertility
  • Not fermented in the rumen – energy without risk of acidosis

Feed Rates

  • Lactating cows 300-600 g/head/day
  • Dry cows 125 g/head/day
  • Beef cattle 150-300 g/head/day
  • Sheep & Goats 40-80 g/head/day

Mega-Energy should be mixed with other ingredients in the diet and can be included as part of a total mixed ration, blend or compound pellet.

Mega-Energy is aimed primarily at lactating dairy animals as a supplement to increase milk yield and milk solids. It is also an ideal energy source to include in diets for improving performance in other ruminant animals such as beef, sheep and goats.

This product contains a balance of the palmitic (C16) fatty acid building blocks proven to increase milk fat production and other fatty acids to directly support milk production.