Mega-Fat Extra

Features and Benefits

  • Maximum C16 (palmitic) fatty acids (97%)
  • Maximum increase in milk fat %
  • Stable product for storage and in pellets
  • High-melting point for rumen-protection
  • Not fermented in the rumen – energy without risk of acidosis

Feed Rates

  • Lactating cows 300-600 g/head/day
  • Beef cattle 150-300 g/head/day
  • Sheep & Goats 40-80 g/head/day

Mega-Fat Extra should be mixed with other ingredients in the diet and can be included as part of a total mixed ration, blend or compound pellet.

Mega-Fat Extra is a highly-concentrated source of the C16 fatty acids (97%) (the building blocks of fat) proven to increase milk fat production.

This product is most suitable where the key interest is improving milk fat %.