Mega-Vmix  is specially formulated mineral mixture for Pakistani market combined with added Yeast and Toxin Binder. The primary purposes of minerals and mixtures in dairy cow nutrition are:

  • Optimal Milk Production.
  • Reproductive Health, Bone and Muscle Health.
  • Immune Function.
  • Overall Health and Well-being.


Purpose of Usage:

It helps to meet the vitamin and mineral requirements of Dairy Cows while using regularly; it helps to increase milk yield and milk quality in dairy animals.

It prevents problems such as wall licking and soil eating.
It increases fertility by regulating heat.
It is effective against tongue wandering and Pika (soil and foreign matter eating habits).
It regulates the Romanian and Intestinal micro flora, thanks to the yeast and Romanian regulators it contains.
It helps to increase the utilization of feed at the maximum rate.
It protects animals against toxin poisoning by binding toxins.

Mega-Vmix Mixing Rate:

Dairy Cows: 100-125gm per day
Heifers: 50-100gm per day
Goat: 15-20gm per day


Mega-Vmix is available in 25kg bag